This spring, we’re in Hawaii on the islands of Oahu and Maui. The lifeguard, paniolo and local food communities shared
their world with us. Dive in.

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Heavy Water Guardians

Hawaii hosts some of the world’s most dangerous coastline anywhere. When the world’s best surfers need a rescue, these elite watermen are on duty.

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Maui's Makana

While the Hawaiian Islands have long had cattle, ranches, and cowboys, the rodeo on Maui is distinct for its community rich in paniolo heritage, a spirit of giving, and serious roping skills.

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One Chef's
Local Ecosystem

Chef Ed Kenney approaches his menu with an ingredients-first mentality. It’s led him to put one of the most destructive fish species on the plate.

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Rodeo Mom

This is no canoe regatta. Boots, horse trailers, and rodeo weekends are the new normal for YETI Ambassador and champion ocean paddler, Lauren Spalding.

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How To Choose the Right Surfboard

Don’t get caught under-gunned in serious surf. Legendary surfboard shaper, Jon Pyzel, shares a few pointers for picking the right board.

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