Waterproof Bags


Exploring the outdoors calls for our waterproof, puncture-resistant bags built to protect your necessities through every terrain and any forecast. The Panga® Dry Bags and SideKick Dry® Gear Case are fully submersible, waterproof vaults designed to keep your valuables bone-dry through high tide and low temps.



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What Makes These YETI® Bags Waterproof?

These adventure bags are built to withstand the most extreme terrains and weather conditions, highlighted by attributes like being waterproof and 100% submersible. But what makes them waterproof? Well, the waterproof duffels, drybag, and backpack showcase laminated, high-density nylon nearly impenetrable to nature’s assaults—especially water—and a HydroLok™ Zipper that keeps water out and everything inside dry. Don’t forget the EVA molded bottom that acts as a waterproof landing pad.

Are These Waterproof Bags Insulated?

No, these waterproof bags are not coolers and have no insulating properties. You can use the backpack, duffels, and carryall as a gear bag, your airplane carry-on, or even as beach tote—just don’t expect it to ice down your drinks.