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Your dog deserves gear that’s as dependable and down for adventure as they are. Dishwasher-safe, scoot-resistant, trust these dog bowls the next time you’re serving up a well-deserved dose of fresh water, kibble, and prime cuts.

Dishwasher-safe, scoot-proof dog bowls built to be as dependable and down for adventure as they are.


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Can I Customize A YETI® Dog Bowl?

Yes, you can personalize a YETI Dog Bowl for your pup using our customization process that creates a permanent, ultra-durable finish on the exterior. Whether you want your pup’s bowl to bear their name with pride or a design they relate to, there’s no better place to personalize a YETI dog bowl.

Will YETI Dog Bowls Keep My Dog’s Water Cold?

That is a tough question to answer. They are double-wall, non-insulated dog bowls because the benefit of vacuum insulation would be minimal given the surface area inherent in pet bowls. So while it won’t keep water or food cold for an extended period of time like Rambler Drinkware, your dogs won’t have any problems eating and drinking from YETI food-safe Dog Bowls.

How Many Ounces Will Fit In The YETI Dog Bowls?

The Boomer 4 Dog Bowl is built to hold four cups or 32 oz. of food or water. Slightly larger, the Boomer 8 Dog Bowl will hold eight cups or 64 oz. of food or water.